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Apple Blossom, Arkansas' state flower
Apple Blossom
Arkansas's flag
Arkansas State Flag
Mockingbird, Arkansas's state bird



State Bird:  Mockingbird

State Flower:  Apple Blossom

State Tree:  Ponderosa Pine

State Insect:  The Honeybee

State Fruit and Vegetable:  Vine Ripe Pink Tomato

State Mammal:  The white-tail Deer

State Rock:  The Quartz Crystal

State Mineral:  Bauxite

State Instrument:  The Fiddle

State Beverage:  Milk

State Folk Dance:  The square dance

State Gem:  The Diamond

State Song:  Arkansas (You Run Deep in Me) by Wayland Holyfield

Motto:  The People Rule

Origin of State Name:  The name Arkansas comes from Arkansa, the French name for Native Americans of the Quapaw tribe and the region they inhabited.

Nickname for State:  The Land of OpportunityThe nickname reflects the state's diversified and fairly well-balanced economy.

Nickname for residents:  Arkansans