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Georgia State Symbols

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Cherkoee Rose, Georgia's state flower
Cherokee Rose


Georgia's flag
Georgia State Flag

Brown Thrasher, Georgia's state bird
Brown Thrasher



State Bird:  Brown Thrasher

State Game Bird:  Bobwhite Quail

Marine Mammal:  Right Whale

State Fish:  Largemouth Bass

State Insect:  Honeybee

State Butterfly:  Tiger Swallowtail

State Reptile:  Gopher Tortoise

State Flower:  Cherokee Rose

State Wildflower:  Azalea

State Tree:  Live Oak

State Vegetable:  Vidalia Sweet Onion

State Crop:  Peanut

State Fruit:  Peach

State Fossil:  Shark Tooth  

State Mineral:  Staurolite

State Gemstone:  Quartz

State Seashell:  Knobbed Whelk

State Song: "Georgia On My Mind," with music by Hoagy Carmichael and lyrics by Stuart Gorrell

State Waltz:  "Our Georgia" by James Burch

Folk Dance:  Square Dance

Motto:  Wisdom, Justice, and Moderation

Origin of State Name:  The early colony was named in honor of King George II of Great Britain.

Nickname for State:  The Peach State The name refers to the famous peaches grown in Georgia's orchards.

Nickname for residents:  Georgians