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Massachusetts State Symbols

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Mayflower, Massachusetts' state flower
Massachusetts' flag
Massachusetts State Flag
Chickadee, Massachusetts' state bird



State Bird:  Chickadee

State Game Bird:  Wild Turkey

State Marine Mammal:  Right Whale 

State Dog:  Boston Terrier

State Cat:  Tabby Cat

State Horse:  Morgan Horse

State Insect:  Ladybug

State Flower:  Mayflower

State Tree:  American Elm

State Berry:  Cranberry

State Bean:  Navy Bean

State Fossil:  Dinosaur Tracks

State Shell:  New England Neptune

State Gemstone:  Rhodonite

State Rock:  Roxbury Puddingstone

State Historical Rock:  Plymouth Rock

State Explorer Rock:  Dighton Rock

State Soil:  Paxton Soil Series

State Mineral:  Babingtonite

State Beverage:  Cranberry Juice

State Muffin:  Corn Muffin

State Dessert:  Boston Cream Pie

State Cookie:  Chocolate Chip

State Heroine:  Deborah Samson

State Folk Hero:  Johnnny Appleseed

State Folk Dance:  Square Dance

State Song:  "All Hail to Massachusetts", words and music by Arthur Marsh

Motto:  By the sword we seek peace, but peace only under liberty.

Origin of State Name:  The name is probably derived from that of an Algonquin village.

Nickname for State:  The Bay State.  The nickname is after Massachusetts Bay, the site of the Puritans' colony.

Nickname for residents:  Bay Staters