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Dogwood, North Carolina's state flower
North Carolina
North Carolina
North Carolina's flag
North Carolina State Flag
Cardinal, North Carolina's state bird



State Bird:  Cardinal

State Mammal:  Gray Squirrel

State Dog:  Plott Hound

State Fish:  Channel Bass

State Reptile:  Eastern Box Turtle

State Insect:  Honey Bee

State Flower:  Dogwood

State Tree:  Pine

State Vegetable:  Sweet Potato

State Rock:  Granite

State Stone:  Emerald

State Shell:  Scotch Bonnet

State Beverage: Milk

State Boat:  Shad Boat

State Song: The Old North State; words written by William Gaston, music collected and arranged by Mrs. E. E. Randolph

State Colors:  Blue and Red

Motto:  To be rather than to seem

Origin of State Name:  The state was named in honor of King Charles I and King Charles II of England; the Latin word Carolinus, means "of Charles."

Nickname for State:  The Tar Heel StateOne version of the nickname's origin has the name first being applied to North Carolinians during the Civil War. One record talks of a battle in Virginia, where their supporting column retreated, but North Carolina troops fought alone. The victorious troops were asked in a condescending tone by some Virginians, who had retreated, "Any more tar down in the Old North State, boys?" The response came quickly: "No, not a bit; old Jeff's bought it all up." The Virginians asked: "Is that so? What is he going to do with it?" The reply: "He is going to put it on you'ns heels to make you stick better in the next fight."

Nickname for residents:  North Carolinians